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Interrybflot Group

“Interrybflot” is an integrated business group engaged in fishing and production of canned fish. Unique among the private maritime companies of the former Soviet Union, “Interrybflot” has own full-scale seafaring fleet, including the vessels for fishing in the severe climates of Antarctica. The uniqueness of the company’s business model is two-fold. First, Interrybflot is a fully integrated operator with the manufacturing cycle spanning fishing, transportation, production of canned fish and delivery to the points of sale. Second, the company cans fish directly on its ships in the open sea thus preserving the natural goodness, minerals and vitamins of the product. For the Ukrainian market, the company manufactures and distributes a broad range of canned fish under the well-known brand “Aquamarine” including tuna, salmon, scad, sardines and others. In all commercial segments of operations, “Interrybflot” commands the leading market positions and continually expands its product offering. From October 2005 to January 2006, Trust Capital Group conducted a preliminary assessment of the Group’s business model and appraised an optimal fund-raising route for the company. As a result of this work, the owners of “Interrybflot” decided to adopt the recommendations on business structuring and financial reporting in preparation for outside equity investors.

Further information about Interrybflot Group is available on the corporate website.