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Creative Group

“Creative” is a group of the Ukrainian industrial companies involved in manufacturing of modified vegetable fats (MVFs) and sunflower oil. The Group’s main production facilities are located in the city of Kirovograd, 250 km south of Kiev. The business is highly advanced technologically, based in its core on the enzyme purification of vegetable fats. The Group is one of the market leaders in Ukraine; the export opportunities, in particular in Russia and Belarus, are also substantial. In February 2006, at the request of the forward-looking owners of “Creative”, Trust Capital Group commenced the pre-IPO structuring and preparation process for the company, including business structuring, IAS/IFRS audit, internal reporting improvements and the investment positioning. Subsequently the shareholders decided to conduct a private placement of the share capital attracting US$ 30 million for a 23.4% stake in the company.