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IPO Advisory

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, the IPO implementation process is professionally demanding, emotionally tense and extremely important for the owners of the business. In this process, many contributors take part – the company itself, legal advisers, auditors, reporting accountants, PR agents and some others. Each of the contributors does its best to perform the role efficiently. In the final count, however, the success of an IPO is a product of the team work and of the directed synergy of professional efforts. Trust Capital Group performs the role of master coordinator of the entire IPO process on behalf of the Client by carrying out the following tasks:

  • pre-IPO feasibility study and assessment of the IPO parameters
  • preliminary valuation
  • structuring of the business from the standpoint of the future public shareholders
  • coordination of the IPO implementation process as part of the Client’s management team
  • post-offering assistance in adaptation of the company to the public status and recommendations on corporate governance.

In the course of the IPO preparation process, and in order to improve the overall chances of the transaction success, Trust Capital Group also provides Corporate Development and Financial Services.