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Corporate Development Services

The existing structure of the company, however suitable it might be for running the on-going business, could be inappropriate for the new public or private investors. Quasi-holding structures, aggressive tax-optimisation schemes, jurisdictions with dubious reputation and inadequate corporate transparency are all the warning signs for investors to tread cautiously. Preparation for a successful IPO or private placement assumes adoption by the company of all necessary attributes required by the institutional investors to consider an investment in the company. Corporate development services of Trust Capital Group include:

  • analysis of and recommendations on the optimal corporate structure of the company or the group
  • financial due diligence and assessment of the company’s business model and growth potential
  • investigation of the internal control systems and recommendations on how to improve their efficacy
  • investment positioning of the company
  • selection of the optimal jurisdictions for the transfer of intellectual property rights, as well as implementation of the tax planning arrangements at the group level
  • assistance in development and implementation of best practices in corporate governance.