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Financial Services

Among the most important listing requirements of the stock exchanges are provision of IAS/IFRS audited financial accounts and preparation various other reports. On the basis of the accounts and other reports prepared by transaction advisors an opinion about the value of the company and the investment attractiveness of the business is formed. Trust Capital Group helps its clients by providing the following financial services:

  • financial due diligence and support in preparation of Long-Form and Working Capital Reports
  • analysis of the capital requirements and the uses of capital
  • assistance with preliminary transformation of the company accounts into the group consolidated financial statements in accordance with the international standards
  • assistance with selection of the audit partner
  • support of the company during the IAS/IFRS audit both in Ukraine and other jurisdictions
  • development of the financial forecasts and the working capital financial model
  • assistance with preparation of the financial procedures and controls memorandum
  • coordination of other IPO processes.