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Fund management

The investment space of Ukraine is characterised by a combination of favourable investment opportunities and the imperative of thorough risk control at every stage of the investment process. The Ukrainian equity market does exist and is a relatively well-developed for a country with a transformational economy. However, the liquidity and depth of the market remain low; as do the corporate governance standards for a majority of the “public” companies in Ukraine. The bond market of Ukraine – both Treasuries and Corporates – also exists albeit in the OTC format predominantly. One of the most popular transactions are the bond sales conducted between foreign investors looking for a better yield and corporate treasury departments seeking to attract the longer-maturity funds. Corporate bonds sold in this manner are usually held until maturity.

Trust Capital Group has an asset management license from the Ukrainian financial authorities as well as a license for administration of non-state pension funds. The company offers fund management services for any of the aforementioned assets. These include:

  • assessment of the comparative attractiveness (risk-return profile) of various types of assets
  • statutory registration and on-going support of public companies (shell funds) attractive as financial vehicles for portfolio investors
  • registration of investment funds/vehicles in Ukraine, or for investments in Ukraine or Russia
  • fund management, including risk assessment, financial analysis, asset allocation and administration.