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Real Estate Investment

Over the few years before the crisis in 2008 real estate – both property and land – had been by far the best performing asset class in Ukraine. Gradual recovery of living standards, increasing individual wealth, resumption of crediting by the banks and stable legislative framework have all combined to produce a platform for real estate renaissance in Ukraine after 2010. The practical challenges still abound for the property and land transactions: the land titles are difficult to trace, reliable market information is often unavailable, legislation is sometimes confusing and court system could be slow. Land can be bought, sold, collateralised and used in any other commercial transaction. In all cases of land investment, the investors should check very carefully the history of acquisition of a particular land plot, rules concerning the land title transfers, designated use and possible limitations, liquidity of investment and more.

Trust Capital Group assists its clients in dealing with land and property in Ukraine, including:

  • title search and confirmation of the prior ownership(s)
  • legal due diligence
  • appraisal of the yield opportunities and price appreciation
  • valuation
  • assessment of change in designated use (land) and other added-value improvements
  • transactional support and acquisition.