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Zhytomyr city – Zhytomyr region

Development project Logistic complex in Olievka village, Zhytomyr region.

Logistic complex/manufacturing base is planned to place in Olievka village, Zhytomyr region. The site is located on the ring road of Zhytomyr city, the main transport route between Central and East Ukraine. The project is next to the international route Ε40, that provides its excellent visibility and transport access. The close location to the railway allows rail connection to the complex in case of necessity.

  • Area of the plot: 10 ha
  • Flat, almost rectangular area
  • End use: building of commercial, industrial object
  • Owner: legal entity
  • Legal status: lease agreement for 10 years
  • Limitations and encumbrances are absent, currently in stage of pre-project

OLIEVKA location
OLIEVKA visual
OLIEVKA genplan