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Mykolayiv city – Mykolayiv region

Development Project Logistic complex or trade center in Konstantinovka village, Mykolayiv region

The logistic complex/trade center is under development in Novoodesskij district, Mykolayiv region, Konstantinovka village. The site is located between South-West railway and Mykolayiv-Kiev highway, 12 km to the north of Mykolayiv city (river port in the South of Ukraine, population – about 500 thousand. people). The site has a facade along Mykolayiv-Kiev highway, providing excellent visibility and transport access.

  • Area of the plot: 10 ha, enlargement to 30 ha is possible
  • Flat, almost rectangular area, facade approx. 150 m and length approx 650 m
  • End use: development of a logistics / trade complex
  • Gas and high-voltage electricity are in direct closeness to the site
  • Owner: legal entity
  • Legal status: lease agreement for 49 years (since 2006)
  • Limitations and encumbrances are absent, pre-project completed

Gen. Plan