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Koblevo – Mykolayiv region

Development Project Recreation complex building in Koblevo village, Mykolayiv region

The resort-entertaining complex is planned to be developed at the territory of Koblevo resort, Mykolayiv region, located on the Black Sea coast, between Odessa (60 km) and Mykolayiv (85 km). The plot is in a direct closeness to the aqua-park  from one side and forestry – from the other, 600 meters from the seashore. The facade is located along the central road of the resort settlement.

  • Area of the plot: 1 ha
  • Flat, rectangular area – 100 x 100 m
  • End use: building of a hotel-entertainment complex
  • Owner: legal entity
  • Legal status: lease agreement for 49 years
  • Limitations and encumbrances are absent, pre-project stage

KOBLEVO location
KOBLEVO resort_area