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Gorodok – Lviv region

Development Project Logistic complex in Gorodok town, Lvov region

The logistic complex is planned to be located within boundaries of Gorodok town at P.Mirnogo Str. The plot is located close to Lvov highway – boundary transition Krakovets (Poland).

  • Area of the plot: 4.96 ha
  • The plot has is flat, communications are close to the site
  • End use – For construction and service of logistic centre
  • Legal status: lease agreement for 10 years (since 2007)

Taking into account the closeness of the site to the western border of Ukraine and location in direct closeness to the of Lvov-Krakovets highway, the recommended use of the plot is building of a professional logistic complex and/or customs terminal for the transit tracks, going from the western border into central-eastern Ukraine.

Western cargo trackers can use this logistic complex as a hub for consolidation of large consignments of loads with the subsequent forwarding of these loads using Ukrainian transport companies.

GORODOK visual
GORODOK genplan