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Synergy Group

Synergy Group is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of spirits and food products. At the initial stages of its growth in 1998-2000, “Synergy” developed as a regional manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Subsequently, the Group pursued the strategy of geographical expansion and has evolved into a holding of twelve manufacturing plants in five regions of Russia. The mainstream of the Group’s operations is the quality spirits under the well-known brand names such as « » (“Ussuri Balsam”), « » (“Russian Ice”), « » (“Old Ural”) and others. The other business segment, foods, is beginning to play an increasingly important role in the Group’s portfolio; it includes many types of quality meats and dairy products. “Synergy” commands the leading market positions in the regions of its traditional presence, and is also keen to expand the operations beyond. In particular, “Synergy” has developed and actively promotes vodka « » (“State Order”), the first in the Group’s expanding line-up of the nation-wide alcohol brands. In the latest financial year to December 2005 the group sales exceeded $US 150 million. In July-September 2005, Trust Capital Group performed the preliminary assessment of Synergy’s investor positioning in preparation for an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. As a result of the assessment, the owners of Synergy Group decided to start IPO preparations in the end of 2006. In April 2006 “Synergy” successfully placed a bond issue of RUR 1 billion ($US 35 million) among the Russian institutional investors.

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