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Company Business

Trust Capital Group is an investment advisory house founded in 2003 and focused on the developing markets of the former Soviet Union (FSU), in particular Ukraine and Russia. The Group comprises various companies and divisions engaged in a number of dedicated activities. 

The Company is specialising in raising capital for quality companies and investment products from the FSU countries with a track-record of growth, or with high potential. Our financial services division is focused on specific IPO and private placement transactions and assists our clients in all aspects of the capital-raising process. This includes assessment of the funding requirements, selection of the optimal method of attracting new capital (IPO on a stock exchange, placement of equity among private investors, or debt finance), and improvement of the client’s corporate governance practices to suit the best standards.

Equally, Trust Capital Group provides a full range of corporate finance services such as preliminary valuation of the company, business due diligence, review of internal controls and reporting, M&A advisory, and transaction support to the outside investors wishing to develop businesses or projects in FSU.

We also provide fund/asset management services, Ukraine being the main investment focus. Placement of funds ranges from standard equity and debt assets to property related instruments, and existing businesses with high potential of growth.  Trust Capital Group, via its Property Investments & Development Division, offers co-investment options, as well as professional services for third parties in the area of property investment including title search, valuation, due diligence and acquisition.

Finally the latest business division of the Company is the development of projects in the sector of alternative energy. With the recent changes in the global economic structure the question of renewable energy is becoming increasingly important. In this direction Trust Capital Group together with its international strategic partners is developing wind and solar energy projects.

Trust Capital Group helps its foreign partners to assess adequately the opportunities and risks related to investing in various types of assets in Ukraine and other FSU countries. Our team of professionals – with vast experience in the equity markets, debt instruments, property and natural resources – can offer solutions and financial instruments that connect the pool of international capital to the local investment opportunities.